Our Island

Located at the very heart of the Caribbean Islands , the Dominican Republic is about the size of Switzerland and has become a fashionable travel destination.

It is surrounded by a 1000-mile shoreline, more than a third of which is white sandy beaches with coconut trees. This is particularly true of the Samana peninsula in the North, where the village of Las Terrenas lies. The weather is warm but not exceedingly hot. The temperature ranges from 25░ to 30░C (75░ to 85░F), a mild summer all year around.

The island of Hispaniola , discovered by Christopher Columbus long before part of it became the Dominican Republic , is bound to fascinate you.

If beaches and palm trees are the icon of the Caribbean , then the Samana peninsula is known for its whales. This area also offers a variety of sports activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, snorkelling, scuba diving and kite surfing.

Here in the North, you will find the more natural and wilder parts, where you will experience a relaxing and exotic atmosphere. You will catch glimpses of a simple life. Friendly faces, colorful paintings and the sound of lively local music ("bachata," "merengue" and "salsa") will entice you and awake your senses to the real pleasures of life.

Las Terrenas is more than just a day trip. A small fishermen village only eight years ago, it has grown into one of the most popular vacation spots of the Dominican Republic . Here you will find Coldwell Banker Coast To Coast, located in the Northern part of the peninsula Samana. The village is protected from the open sea by natural coral reefs and set apart by a mountain range that extends from Nagua to Samana.

Having been hard to reach in the past, before the road that now winds through the mountains was constructed, this small village was, until recently, isolated from the rest of the country. There, the Atlantic Ocean bathes miles of gorgeous and calm sandy beaches, sheltered behind their coral reefs.

Las Terrenas is well equipped with hotels, a local airport, restaurants and supermarkets. An 18-hole golf course with more than 100 hectares is under construction, a marina project is well under way, and a new highway will soon put the capital city only one and a half hours away, (currently 4.5 hours), and most importantly, an International Airport, only 30 minutes away is open since November 2006

Another strong point of Samana is its rich sea bottom, where underwater enthusiasts find a great variety of marine life, starting from the tiniest shellfish all the way to the huge humpback whales.